Thursday, September 17, 2009

Win a $25 Gift Certificate

Hi Readers: On Friday, Sept. 18th,I'll be blogging all day on Coffee Time Romance and More, about various subjects:a low-cost travel secret, the importance of conferences, landing an agent, and a blog about my new release, Jeanne of Clairmonde, a medieval romance. From those who leave a comment, I'll be drawing a name, and the lucky winner will have a $25 gift certificate for a piece of designer jewelry by a glass artisan who makes one-of-a-kind jewelry designs. Here's a sample from her website. Don't forget, Friday the 18th on Coffee Time Romance. I'll be looking for you there.


Monique DeVere said...

Very pretty jewellery! Will pop over to Coffee Time, coz I'm thinking it's perhaps time I got an agent.

Joyce Moore said...

Hi Monique: Thanks for stopping by. One of the biggest advantages to having an agent is that they have access to houses we don't, as more and more publishers go to "Agented Submissions only". Of course I've heard, too, that a bad agent is worse than none at all, and I'm sure that's right.

Anonymous said...

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